Initial Free Conversation:
Email me to schedule an initial conversation to discuss how we can play together. This conversation is free of charge and comes without obligations. The focus of this conversation is to connect with each other, gain insight on what you want from our work together and sense if we feel strongly drawn to enter into a co-creative partnership.

Playing the Transformational Discovery Game
I offer the Transformational Discovery Game as a unique tool to create clarity in your life, see the bigger picture and discover creative solutions. This game can be played with individuals or groups.

It takes generally two hours to play the game. The fee for a game is $200. Email me to inquire about groups and discuss details.

Create a Multidimensional Energy Grid
A MEGrid is created in a sacred, ceremonial space to connect the physical and non-physical realm. It is a tool to shift the energy on a property, in a region or country, open energy portals, anchor energetic templates to promote wellbeing for all, or explore spiritual questions with individuals or groups.

From my experience the time to lay Multidimensional Energy Grid is about two hours. The fee is $250. Please contact me if you have questions about the MEG or to schedule a session. 

Read a testimonial.

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Go deeper, in an Individual Coaching Session 
During this session we focus solely on you and your

  • I listen deeply to you and invite you into a larger
    picture of yourself and those around you
  • Together we bring clarity to your life’s journey, simplify challenging situations and identify choices that are fully aligned with your truth
  • We uncover and express a clear vision for your life and set the vision in motion
  • We identify the next step in your project and how you can bring it to fruition

I conduct these Individual Coaching Sessions worldwide via phone, zoom or in person. I have found that that there is a natural completion to each session and prefer to allow the conversation to naturally round and complete. From my experience the general length of an Individual Coaching Sessions is between 60 min and 90 min. The fee per session is $110. 

Email me to ask questions or to schedule your first session.

You can pay your session fee here:
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session. Enter the name of the service and the agreed dollar amount into the empty boxes and then click the Add to Cart button:



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