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Playing the Transformational Discovery Game
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Multidimensional Energy Grids (MEGs)
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If you share a
with one or the other playgrounds I describe,
I invite you to play with me.


Initial Free Conversation:
Let’s meet and discuss how we could play together. Email me to schedule an initial conversation. This
conversation is free of charge and comes without
obligations. The focus of this conversation is to connect with each other, gain insight on what you want from our work together and sense if we feel strongly drawn to enter into a co-creative partnership.

Here are some possibilities how to play with each other:

Clarity Sessions
During these sessions we focus solely on you and your

  • I listen deeply to you and invite you into a larger
    picture of yourself and those around you
  • Together we bring clarity to your life’s journey, simplify challenging situations and identify choices that are fully aligned with who you are
  • We uncover and express a clear vision for your life and set the vision in motion
  • We identify the next step in your project and how you can bring it to fruition

I conduct these Clarity Sessions worldwide via phone, Skype or in person.

Session Length:
I have found that that there is a natural completion to each session. I prefer to come together via phone,
internet or in person follow our inner timing to allow the conversation to naturally round and complete. From my experience the general length of Clarity Sessions is
between 60 min and 90 min.

Fees – Energy Exchange:
You have two fee options for the Clarity sessions:

Set fee for a session:
This option is for you if you like to know the fee ahead of the session. The set fee for a Clarity session is $145.

Heart-based money exchange
You also can opt for a heart-based money exchange. This exchange comes from an inner alignment. It asks you to step away from your intellectually driven beliefs into your heart-based truth. Your heart knows the fee that is
appropriate for a particular Clarity Session. At the end of the session I guide you into your heart to ask what the aligned fee for the session is. I love this way of energy
exchange, it provides you with a beautiful opportunity to trust yourself and hear your heart speak. Click here to read my post about this form of energy exchange.

Because this way of setting a fee is outside the norm, the idea might feel uncomfortable to you.  My experience is that the answer the heart provides feels aligned for both my session partner and me. So I encourage you to try it out and trust your heart to know what you can afford and what is an appropriate dollar amount for the exchange.

You can pay your Clarity session fee here:
You can use your credit card to pay for your Clarity
Session. Enter the agreed dollar amount into the empty box and then click the Add to Cart button:



Email me to ask questions or to schedule your first session.

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Triangular Coaching
Petra Webstein

In Triangular Coaching, two coaches work with one client. Petra Webstein and I created this triangular coaching space to offer a new and innovative way to help you grow beyond their perceived limitations with ease, grace and joy. The triangular format can feel less intense than one-on-one coaching and more like a conversation among friends.

Triangular Coaching allows us to combine our skills and creativity in the best possible way. I bring clarity, joyfullness & curiosity and Petra complements it with graciousness, compassion & nurturing. Together we hold a space for you where anything is possible. Read more about this service in English or German.

Playing the Transformational Discovery Game
I offer the Transformational Discovery Game as a unique tool to create clarity in your life. This game can be played with individuals or groups.

The duration of the game depends on number of players and type of question asked. The fee for an individual player is $200. The fee on the group depends on the
situation, number of people, location and such.
Email me to discuss details.

Learning the Transformational Discovery Game:SW coaching cut
The TDGame is a powerful tool to help players access their heart-based truth and creativity. It provides clarity, new insights, a global picture of complex situations, anchors and set intentions in motion and much more. Players gain insights about who they are and feel that they are being seen and heard. These properties make the TDGame a powerful tool in coaching,
counseling, teaching and other professions.

I offer a training package to learn how to use the TDGame for yourself and/or with your clients.

TDGame Training Package:

  • Experience the TDGame yourself – I play with you
  • Together we review a TDGame you facilitated with a client
  • A 30 min Q&A session via phone or computer after you facilitated a few TD games

Please contact me if you have questions about the TDGame Training Program and to inquire about the fees.

Multidimensional Energy Grids (MEGs):MEG with bowl_0294
MEGs are created in a sacred, ceremonial space and connect the physical and non-physical realm. I have use MEGs with individuals or groups to:

  • shift energy on a property, piece of land, region or country
  • open energy portals
  • anchor energetic templates for projects that promote wellbeing for all
  • explore a spiritual question with an individual or a group

From my experience the time to lay energy grids is around two hours. Based on this time frame the fee to lay an energy grid with an individual person is $300. The fee for a group of two to three people it is $420.
Email me if you have a bigger group to inquire about the fee. Read a testimonial.
Please contact me if you have questions about the MEGs and to inquire about the fees.

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Coaching You and Your Animal Companion:
Do you want to build a trustful and joyous partnership with your animal companion?
In my coaching sessions I explore with you how to:

  • Be calm and present with your animal
  • Listen to your companion more deeply
  • Look at situations through your companion’s eyes
  • Sort out what behavior of the animal is a reflection of you
  • Help you and the animal to create new habits/behavior
  • Hold your animal companion whole, creative and
  • Deepen your relationship

Email me to ask questions or to schedule your first session.

Coaching Riders and Horse Lovers:
Coaching empowers you to build an authentic partnership with your horse. I coach women who are committed to create a strong, healthy relationship with their horse that promotes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of both. I assist you in a non-judgmental way to:

  • Communicate more clearly with your horseherd watching-freephoto-paid_20451_20100913
  • Look at situations through the eyes of your horse
  • Create an equal, joyous partnership
  • Co-create with your horse
  • Become a calm & focused leader
  • Tune into your body’s wisdom to release tension, fear, pain and old beliefs

Read some of my horse articles to get a sense if I am the right partner for you. The fee for a coaching session is $145.

Interspecies Coaching:
In Interspecies Coaching, Petra Webstein and I work together to be a voice for the animals. We combine our unique animal communication, coaching skills  and creativity to serve you and your animal in the best possible way.

Experience how deeply you can connect with your animal partner when you work with us. Join us in this nurturing, heart-centered space to listen deeply, communicate clearly and open the door to a joyous and respectful partnership with your animal.

Read more about Interspecies Coaching in English or

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Speaking and Workshops:
I have a unique skill to take information from different subject areas and create bigger pictures the audience can understand. I offer concepts, perspectives and tools to

  • walk your life journey with more ease
  • enhance your leadership and communication skills
  • connect and communicate with animals, plants,
    minerals and elementals.
  • create an equal and joyous partnership with your horse
  • understand your relationship with the Earth in a new way 

I also come to your group to play the TDGame or teach you how to facilitate the game.

Contact me if you are looking for an insightful and inspiring speaker or workshop leader.

If you would like to support my journey with a
donation you can make your contribution here via



Thank you for your heart-felt support.

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