Multidimensional Energy Grids

Multidimensional Energy Grids (MEGs) connect the non-physical with the physical realm.MEG with bowl_0294
The overall focus of the MEGs is to bring forth information and energy to create wellbeing for all those who live on Earth and those realms connected to us. We open a ceremonial space and invite light beings to join us. In this space we ask for:

  • spiritual information,
  • support to open energy portals
  • shift and anchor energy in homes, businesses, property land, region or country
  • information to understand the bigger picture of complex situations

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Describing the MEGs is like trying to describe the Grand Canyon to someone who hasn’t experienced it yet. You want to experience the energy and impact for yourself.

MEGs are created in a fun and playful way, which helps us to step out of the rational mind and allow information, wisdom and energy from the non-physical realms to flow through us.

Items used in the grids can be anything and are often assembled from the surroundings, e.g. nature or a home. Each player can add items into the space or move items into different places.
The intention, and discussion about the items placed on the cloth and their movements create an energy field. The pieces and the position in relationship to each other reveal new insights and can clarify complex situations.

Click here to follow the step-by-step creation of a MEG.MEG-first step-IMG_0354

Why the name Multidimensional Energy Grid
I named these energy grids multidimensional because sometimes it feels that we reach into different layers of energy and dimensional spaces. For example I played with two women asking for clarity about the creation of a wellness business. In the first phase of the grid we received insights to about the purpose of the business. Then I felt that the layer was complete and a new space wanted to open up. We consciously opened up the new dimension and met with the elementals, who offered insights into the energy of the business. Once that layer was complete I again felt a the possibility to open a new space. Supported by Light Beings, we created a portal of energy that anchored in the location of the business to support the healing work of the business owner. Then the MEG was complete.
Two weeks later, I had a Reiki session in this location and the energy was off the charts.

Richard-gridWorking with partners in different location: Using skype or and a computer camera we can create MEGs together even if we don’t share the same geographic location. I also have worked multidimensionally with partners via phone/skype/zoom and laid a physical grid afterwards to anchor the energies more fully. The energy grid on the right was created using the application between a computer in the US and the one in England. Read about Richard’s first experience creating an energy grid in his own words. You can also follow the step-by-step evolution of this energy grid.

Petra’s MEG in Australia was also created through the help of the internet. Click here to read her testimonial. Her MEG is a great example of how the layout of an energy grid can completely change and how different energy spaces open.

Notice the circular form in the beginning of the grid


New insights created a change in geometry from circular to square. The energy of the MEG changed significantly.

AUS-four corners-4

In the last phase of the grid a pyramid was erected to connect the energies of Heaven and Earth so to speak. A supportive energy container created by cards from a spiritual card set completed this MEG.


 Examples of a Multidimensional Energy Grids

Anchoring Money FlowIMG_0333

In 2014 I created an intention around financial abundance: I am receiving long-lasting, dependable, plentiful currency (money) in easy delightful ways. 
The result was that I felt called to lay many different MEGs that anchored this energy onto the Earth. This grid is one example. The international currency bills in the center create a vortex that keep drawing energy even after the grid was completed and the items packed away.

Shifting Energy in the LandLight Center Grid-2014_0267

Three players created this MEGs to support the release of a disconnect within a part of the Black Mountains in North Carolina. This energy shift was supported by Sirius (the structure on top). The gathering on the left with the water bottle represent the unified land. The movement to the right felt like an announcement of the shift in energy, filled with joy and excitement.  We could feel beauty and a lot of energy when the grid was done.

Playing with the ElementalsBurnsville Forrest-2015_0625

This place in the woods of North Carolina drew me because of its beauty and peaceful energy. One day the elementals called me to play with them and together we created this Mandala.
While I was co-creating this mandala it felt as if we anchored more beauty energy into this place.

Email me if you would like to create a Multidimensional Energy Grid with me.

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