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Go for what you really want, not what you think
is possible.

Transformational Discovery Game (TDGame)
Describing the TDGame is like trying to describe a ride at the fair. I can tell you about the fun, awe, beauty, laughter, aha moments and life-changing impact of
playing this game, but like the ride at the fair, you have to experience it for yourself to fully appreciate it.

Playing the Game2014-08-04-IMG_0327-singing bowls
The TDGame is a tool I use in individual and group coaching sessions. The game helps players to be relaxed, curious and playful so that they can access their own truth and creativity with ease.

How it works:
The game starts with a question from the player(s). Physical items, representing insights, thoughts or ideas, are place onto a cloth or a table. The choice of physical items and their orientation to each other hold a lot of information and insights for the players.

As a coach my task in the game is to help the players stay primarily in their heart, encourage them to be resourceful and creative, and guide the flow of the game by asking questions and highlighting insights and possibilities.

2014-08-07-IMG_0334-SW coachingDiscover who you are, what you want and what steps to take next
The focus of the game is tailored to your interest. You can ask questions such as: what are my unique talents, what do I really want, what choice is in full alignment with my truth. You can also play the game to bring clarity to challenging situations, birth or plan projects, clarify intentions and set them in motion. The possibilities are endless.

Teaching the TDGame to Coaches
The Transformational Discovery Game is life-changing and can be adapted to many different coaching scenarios: first discovery session, refresher sessions, or final coaching session. It can be used in business-, relationship- or life-coaching, individual or group sessions, inner work, planning of projects, unraveling challenging situations,
vision quest, or asking what the next step is. The possibilities are endless. The facilitator helps the players to stay curious, open, creative and stay in the flow of the game.

Because this game is a powerful tool for coaches I offer a training program to those coaches who are interested in adding the TDGame to their toolbox.

Gallery of Transformational Discovery Games
I invite you to explore the gallery of TDGame photos. Move your mouse over the photos to read some details. Contact me if you are fascinated and would like to experience the game for yourself. I would love to play with you.

Different Games with the question: What is my next step?

What is my next step?


Gaining clarity and setting intentions in motion for a business

2015-02-18-IMG_0532-Everest-FarmExploring Financial Abundance



Abundance 2015-08-FQS-IMG_0874What do I want to experience?

HC-Intentional Community-IMG_3150Saying good bye to a Loved One

Good bye t loved one


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