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Create Clarity in uncertainty

How to sail the sea of possibilities
On my spiritual path I have come to a place where I have let go of so many old beliefs and habits that I entered a space that seems filled with possibilities and at the same time completely empty. The old reference points of life purpose, career, linear time, and many others have dissolved.

At times it feels uncomfortable to have no reference points, no pre-described directions to follow. Every moment is an adventure and I am the one who makes up the steps in this whole new way to live. I am the creator of it.

Constant questions are: how do I identify new reference points in this empty vastness, or how do I create a trajectory to move along. Connecting to my soul’s desire through the heart is one way to create reference points and a trajectory. Letting my heart tell me what brings me joy and wellbeing help me to set personal reference points. These reference points guide me in making decisions and point me to new playgrounds. Out of this trajectories appear, for example, communicating with animals, anchoring energy into the Earth through Multidimensional Energy Grids, co-creating with the Elementals, exploring with others who they are and what they really want and being involved in projects that bring wellbeing for all of life on Earth.

My natural abilities provide me also with a compass to determine where to turn in this vast sea of possibilities. Knowing who I am, what I am good at and what I really want to do helps to sail the sea of possibilities. I have a natural gift for clarity. I love to get to the bottom of things. Cutting away confusing pieces to get right to the heart of the matter is great fun for me. I used this skill in science, life coaching and body journeys. Now I aim this skill into a new direction. I come together with fellow travelers to uncover who they are and what their soul projects are. Together we create trajectories and reference point that are aligned with who they are. We create this clarity through conversations in Coaching Sessions and/or through playing the Transformational Discovery Game. We build Multidimensional Energy Grids to birth soul projects and set them in motion.

Email me if you want to play.

Express your vision and bring your soul projects to life

2015-04-24-IMG_0634-abundanceI believe that we have come to Earth so that our soul can experience itself. To do so there are desires we feel that direct us on our journey. Creating a clear vision helps us to express our desires and lay out a playground for our soul. The vision provides a trajectory for our journey. 

2014-09-11-IMG_0380-soul purposeMy vision is a world where we live in respect, harmony and partnership with the Earth and all of life. Together we create well-being for all. 

Use heart-felt energies to express your vision
It took me years to formulate my vision because my brain got in the way. What I could feel around the vision felt big and overwhelming and I got stuck in figuring out how to do it practically. I finally gave up on needing to know how to concretely implement this big vision step-by-step and instead focused on the fundamental energies I felt in my heart – respect, partnership, beauty and wellbeing. Suddenly the vision statement fell into place with ease. 

Our souls are big and want to play
I believe that our souls are big and want us to play big. We can’t grasp with our mind what our soul wants us to experience. Instead of trying to use our mind to figure it out, we can allow our soul to work through us by listening to our heart.  

I enjoy discovering other people’s soul desire, especially when it focuses on creating wellbeing for the Earth. When I partner with someone to uncover their vision, my first step is often to lead them on a journey into the heart. Here we find living words such as beauty, respect, partnership or wellbeing that provide a foundation for the vision. Knowing your personal values, skills, and talents helps in refining the vision, setting specific intentions and creating projects that bring the vision to life.

Energy Grids bring additional information
2015-02-18-IMG_0532-Everest-FarmI love creating energy grids during this process to uncover more clarity for the vision, energetically anchor intentions and explore soul projcts. In this playful and relaxed setting information flows easily through us and the relationships of different aspects of the vision become visible.

The visions and soul projects are big and are long-term
These visions that come through the heart can feel big and overwhelming. It is important to understand that they are not done in a year. 

The visions do not follow linear trajectories
These soul projects do not follow a linear trajectory or linear time. I have experienced times when I am not particular interested in horses but suddenly discover an interest in permaculture, only to find that three months or a year later I am deeply engrossed in liberty work with horses.  

Seeing pieces of the puzzle
More often than not do I see steps or projects within my vision that have seemingly nothing to do with each other. For example I play with financial abundance, socially responsible investment, animal communication, anchoring energy into the Earth and sustainability. These playgrounds often look like isolated puzzle pieces to me and yet, all activities express wellbeing, respect, harmony and partnership with the Earth and all of life. I feel my love for the Earth when I engage in any of these activities.

Being too focused on one approach can interfere with vision
I further discovered that for me that being too focused on a certain approach can interfere with my vision journey, while curiosity and flexibility help it along. I have the desire to learn how to communicate with animals. For years I was disappointed with myself because I didn’t feel any desire to take an animal communication workshop or have animals myself. Staying flexible and following my heart I started inter-species communication with physical trees and learned communication with horses through youtubes and books. My linear intellect would have never come up with this but I have fun and it is working for me.

The vision statement is helpful in staying grounded and provides a trajectory. While I sometimes feel aimless because I don’t have specific linear steps or a label for what I am doing, when I go back to my vision statement I find that I am right on track. 

In summary, if you want to uncover your vision, my suggestion is to go into your heart and allow your desire to fully express itself. Then explore those playgrounds that call to you and feel easy and fun. Keep observing what comes in front of you that might give you a direction or answers the how to express your vision through projects.


shift and anchor energy into the Earth

Like myself, the Earth is ascending into higher consciousness. I am supporting the ascension of the Earth through my personal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodywork.

Young treeAdditionally I feel called to shift and anchor energy into the land in certain areas of the Earth. I feel drawn to visit places, participate in gatherings, or meet people ready to partner with me in this adventure. I do this work by:

  • allowing energies to run through my physical body into the heart of the Earth
  • meeting with groups in certain places or at auspicious times to open energy portals, e.g. anchoring energies for tree communication in Sequoia National Park, CA 2013
  • balancing masculine/feminine energy during the June solstice 2015 creating energy grids on the land with groups or by myself
  • anchoring intentions through energy grids with individuals or groups who want to use land for a new purpose, e.g. a forest farm, pollinator garden, soul sanctuary for humans…

Here are some examples:



connect with nature – nature spirits

IMG_0757-Madala-Mountain-BurnsvilleConnecting and communicating with trees
Being in communion with other species
Connecting to nature through play
Receiving gifts from the Elementals


I feel a great desire to become one with nature, to connect, communicate and co-create with all of nature and the Elementals.

As so often on my journey this intention manifests in very different ways than I thought. My mind grabbed onto the idea of exchanging questions and answers through telepathic communication with plants, animals, minerals and Elementals like animal communicators seem to do. I learned that communication with nature and elementals can happen in many different ways.

Connecting and communicating with trees

Kent Park, IA

On a walk through Kent Park near Iowa City, IA, a ranger pointed out a 500 year old swamp oak. He encouraged me to check the tree out because of his age. The next day I visited her and had my first conscious experience of connecting with a tree.

When I stood near her I could feel her energy radiating around me and my first thought was to merge with her energy. However, I was playing in Mastering Alchemy at the time and we were just told again how big we are as beings. So I decided to match her energy. Wow, I matched her energy and she extended her energy field. I match it again and she radiated further. We played until I felt that my energy field encompassed most of the park area. It was powerful experience. From then on I called her Unlimited.

Over the next two years I had some wonderful experiences with Unlimited. One that stood out was a day where I felt very unbalanced. I tried to let go thinking of a person who I was upset with. I tried to ground and become calm but my mind kept going back to the incident. When I came to Unlimited I asked her what she knew about grounding. I didn’t really expect anything. Within a minute I felt energy draining from the top of my head through my whole body into the ground, leaving me calm and centered. It was so visceral that I couldn’t miss it and my mouth dropped open.

Ever since I noticed how trees helped me to calm down when I feel frustrated, upset, despair… I know because I keep yawing during my hike through the woods or leaning against a tree. Yawning is one of the ways I move energy through and out my body.

Unlimited helped me to open my awareness about trees. There were two more oaks in Kent Park that drew my attention. I called them Samson and Delilah. I soon discovered that when I would lean against Samson he would take me onto visual journeys. He would take me to meet with other guides such as unicorns, light beings and Jack the watcher, a physical horse I know of. The journeys would give me insights into my current situation. Since then I have partnered with other trees on these fun journeys.

Being in communion with other species

I was enrolled in an online class called Waterhole Rituals with Carolyn Resnick. The first ritual is sharing territory with a horse. You sit in the pasture with your horse without needing anything from the horse. Just sharing space and through that allowing the horse to know you while you learn to become more present. Carolyn talked about being in communion with the horse.

During the class I had no access to horses but the idea to sit in communion with another species resonated deeply. So I took a camping chair and walked into the woods. Here I found a quiet space under trees near a brook. I allowed myself to relax and become quiet. Listening to the different sounds of the water running over stones, moving in shallow areas and around corners. It felt like the water was running through my body, cleansing and vitalizing every space in it. I returned from this communion refreshed and in awe of the experience.

Another time a friend of mine took me to Quiet Reflections Retreat. This retreat located in North Carolina has a chapel on top of a mountain. When I walked into the chapel the energy I experienced felt like I was flying right into the mountain opposite the chapel. My whole body started buzzing with energy. It took a while for my body to balance and the buzzing to calm down. Then I sat to commune with the mountain. For me mountains have a special powerful energy and this mountain seemed to fill up my whole body and anchor its energy in my heart. I felt strong and happy and started toning, expressing my love for the beauty of this mountain. I felt the energy for days in my heart and anchored some of it when we opened the Gateway to nature in the Pollinator Garden.

Read more about my other experiences with wild goats, a fly and a deer in Waterhole Rituals with a twist.

Connecting with nature through playIMG_0127-Single stone structure river

A friend pointed me to Michael Grab. Michael Grab creates beautiful stone sculptures in nature. He inspired me to do try it myself. So next time I walked along the Laurel River Trail near Hot Springs NC I got creative. It was so much fun to balance stones on each other and explore what angles are possible. I liked the idea that wind and rain would most likely erase these structures so that someone else can be creative.IMG_0115-Mandala Sand no shade

I also remembered my love for mandalas and used the natural treasures along the riverbed to leave some unexpected beauty for others to enjoy.

This form of play evolved along with the MEGs. I have used stones and other natural material to create structures that support the opening and anchoring of energy such as the Pollinator Garden. I also laid some mandalas to honor the beauty the Elementals create all around us.

Receiving gifts from the ElementalsIMG_0622 Bark Horse head 1

I love walking in woods and on mountains. Beside the everyday amazing beauty of colors, forms, smells and sounds, there are days when I feel the elementals surprise me with special gifts. IMG_0642 Bark horse head 2These gifts come in many forms: bird feathers, colorful, sparkling rocks, faces on trees, hidden blooming plans. Some I take home, others I admire. These two horse heads made me laugh out loud in surprise and felt like a special gift for me to take home.

How do I “Cause as little pain as possible in challenging situations”

When people find themselves in uncomfortable situations where they have to make some courages decisions, they say: “I don’t want to cause anyone pain” or “I just want to keep peace.” They argue for their limitations so they don’t have to step up, using assumed, possible pain of others as an escape route.?

In my experience, when these argument are being spoken and acted upon, then the mental-emotional pain the person wants to prevent is often being increased for all involved.

We cannot control the other person’s mental-emotional pain. We can only discern what decisions and actions feel aligned with our personal truth and act on it. That often takes courage and might create short-term mental-emotional pain for one selves and others. But it opens the door to change and an opportunity to create wellbeing for all in the long-term.

While these situations can feel overwhelming or unsolvable, hiding, avoiding, stepping out of inner alignment, trying to keep peace… do not address the issue and while it might be suppressed for a while it will come up again, most likely in a louder version. In the meantime the situation keeps creating more pain often at an unconscious level. This can continue for a while until the situation has become more complex, sticky, messy and unbearable.  At this point it is much more difficult to clear up.

Instead of running away from the situation, we can align ourselves as best as we can with what feels right in our heart and then stand in for that alignment with respect, compassion and openness. Our alignment might be in contrast to someone else’s opinion, e.g. partner, friend, family… and that is okay.

I believe there is always a solution that is supportive of the wellbeing for all involved. That does not mean that those involved are not being stretched emotionally, mentally and spiritually. However, this stretch is a lot easier to take than the noisy, chaotic mess that can result in avoiding the issue.

We tend to avoid being uncomfortable or in mental-emotional pain. And yet, personal growth and spiritual evolvement bring often states of un-comfortableness and uncertainty to shake us loose from old habits and patterns.

When I started to embrace this concept I found that the beginning stages of discomfort are just a sign for change and that it will pass if I embrace this state and explore the solutions and directions it points me to. If I (and all involved in the situation) resist, the discomfort can grow more painful and it can take longer to establish the new direction and release the accumulated pain.

I am learning to see discomfort as a sign for growth. My approach is to:
•    feel the discomfort,
•    explore the reason for the discomfort
•    observe what solutions present themselves
•    check the solutions with my inner alignment
•    observe some more if nothing feels right
•    make a choice that I sense is in alignment with my heart/soul
•    act with respect, compassion and openness
•    give it my best effort to hold these energies during the process.   

If I don’t like the result, I go through the whole process again, trying out a different pathway. 

I am also learning that it is okay when others are uncomfortable. They have a choice what to do with it. Nobody says life is always comfortable, but we can choose to resist it or work with it. 

Choice is a powerful tool. How do you choose next time you encounter an uncomfortable situation? Will you choose to use the assumed, possible pain of others to stay in victim hood and stuck or use an approach as I described that has the potential to move all involved from uncomfortable to wellbeing.   

What I do with prayer requests

A friend of mine emails prayer requests for members of her spiritual group to me. These requests used to create a dilemma in my space. Prayer felt like a religious activity from the past where I “begged” God for help. The request was also connected to a “should” in my place.  You should pray for this person or send at least some love.

I learned to look at prayer requests differently. I detached the word prayer from the religious background and gave it the meaning of directed intention from the heart. Then I opened myself some more an allowed myself to approach a prayer request in a personalized way:

I started to take a moment, go into my heart, and send some loving energy to the person and all involved in the situation. This energy coming from my heart has no outcome attached to it. This process works at certain times for me.

When a friend of mine asked me a couple times in a row to pray for her I kept feeling uncomfortable about the request. While I wanted to support her, the request felt still like a should. I decided to clear more of my own beliefs and emotions around prayer and take an easy approach. The next time we came together I told her how difficult it is for me to grant her request. That sitting down and creating a form of prayer felt heavy and full of effort. I explained to her that it would be a lot easier for me to actually do something with her about her fears. She accepted and it felt wonderful to use my coaching skills to help her. 

Another friend told me that her sister had just learned about the reoccurring of a 2014-09-17-IMG_0393-Katara-sisterdisease. She didn’t request anything from me however, we had a conversation about her involvement in the situation. When she left I felt drawn to lay a Multidimensional Energy Grid (MEG) for her and her sister. It felt like I was opening a space of connection for them where they could shift some energy if they wanted to. When I was done I sent a photo of the MEG to my friend telling her what I did. She used the energy she received from the MEG to connect with her sister in a higher dimension and initiate a shift in energy around the situation. Afterwards she learned that a mistake was made and the disease had not reoccurred.

A fellow student of the Mastering Alchemy program sent a prayer request out. This wonderful person had reached out to me when I needed financial help, even though he didn’t know me personally. When I received his request I felt that a MEG could be supportive in his connection with his brother. I was grateful that I could return his kindness is such a way.

Another friend asked me to hold space/pray for him while he was working in a potentially dangerous situation with his friend. I envisioned the situation they were working in, created a bubble of protective light around it and asked Archangel Michael for support. Then I set it in place knowing that it was done. That freed me from moving through my day without having to stay focused on the situation.

Prayer triangle easeWhen a friend asked me to hold space/pray for him while he worked with someone who is emotionally challenging we took a moment and felt into the situation, asking what kind of energies would be supportive. The energies of compassion and love seemed to be helpful and together we created them in our hearts directing them into the situation. During that day a third energy, ease, occurred to me and I felt drawn to create a triangle with these words. Using nutshells I laid out the words on the ground.  It felt like this process anchored the energy and also left a reminder for myself and others. I’ll leave it to nature to erase the words when the time is right.

These experiences taught me to be creative around the request of praying by using my unique talents to connect with others. This approach released the resistance towards “praying”, deepens my experience, and makes me feel good during the process.

Cows as teachers

I am currently shifting and anchoring energy at a retreat in the Black Mountains of NC. One of my teachers here is a horse called Windfall. She teaches me about being present in each moment and how to communicate with animals through energy.

Some days ago her owner rode her up to the top of the mountain where a herd of cows is grazing. They know each other and it was a treat for Windfall to see her friends. Looked like the cows enjoyed her visit and decided to return the favor. Two days later I drove up the mountain seeing five cows and one calf grazing along the gravel road. I decided to bring them back to the pasture.

The conscious way to move cows
I had seen the pasture where they came from but I didn’t know the way from where they were grazing. I decided to let them show me the way. I also was curious how cows react to energy and decided to explore it. To get there attention I had to raise my arms and clap my hands a little bit to get them moving in what seemed to me the right direction. I followed them slowly, allowing them to pick their own pace. I was laughing with delight as they moved slowly up the mountain, sometimes taking a pee brake or catching their (and my) breath.

What to do with adventurous cows
The one in the rear was white and seemed to be the adventurous one. She kept looking for other interesting paths to explore. But a snipping of my fingers was all it took to move her forward. Sometimes I would talk to her, sometimes move a little bit closer behind her to keep her going. I deeply enjoyed how easily and calmly it all went.

Communicating with images
Half up the mountain I heard mooing behind me and discovered that the rest of the herd started to join us. We were at a narrow path, an incline to the left and a steep decline to the right. I decided to stand at the right side and ground myself, becoming very present. A technique I learned from James French. A calf was in front of me, eyeing me curious and nervous at the same time. After a minute it decided to pass me. I kept sending the cows an image of the whole herd passing me calmly. Some hesitated, others rushed but most of them made it past me calmly, joining the six in the front.

Then there was one left and with surprise I saw it was a bull. That created a brief blip in my present and calm state. I too send him the image of passing me by calmly. It helped to know that I was standing beside a tree and could get out of the way fast if needed. The bull seemed undecided. He lowered his head but didn’t seem aggressive. He then decided to make a b-line up the incline to create a bigger distance while passing me.

With lots of hello and other conversations the twenty or so animals moved up the mountain slowly but consistently. The leader in front calling them all to follow, while the white one brought up the rear.

I always find it fascinating that cows never seem to return to the spot where they broke through the fence. So sure enough, we ended up at the closed barbwire gate. The herd started to split and I decided to move slowly through the herd to open the gate. That worked relatively well and with sending them an image of moving through the gate half of them did. I managed to surround the split off group and point them back to the gate. However, the leader started down the mountain again and gave me some extra mileage, but in the end they all ended up in the pasture.

It was exhilarating to see how sensitive these animals are and how willing they were to go back to their home without much prodding. I couldn’t find the hole in the fence they broke through but hoped the owner would.

The unconscious way to move cows
Four days later I heard again a lot of mooing on the mountain. I was sure the herd was roaming again. I went down the trail we had come up before but didn’t see them. I decided to let it go and let the owners take responsibility so that they would be motivated to check the fence. I went to spend time with Windfall.  

One hour later Windfall and I heard human shouts on the mountain and a lot of mooing. Windfall rushed out of her box to listen to the racket. I remembered chasing cows in my childhood and creating a similar racket as we heard that morning. I was grateful for the peaceful experience I had a couple days before.

Sharing a grounded state
Windfall came back into her box anxiously listening to the animal and human voices. I stayed calm and present beside her, telling her what I perceived was going on and that her friends would be okay. She calmed a bit and got more grounded herself, resting one of her hind legs but being alert with all her senses.

The shouting went on for a while and I could feel the chaotic energy fading as the herd moved closer to the pasture and away from us. I was struck how Windfall and I mirrored each other in stance and state of alertness. I enjoy spending time with her and experience her life as a horse. We have come a long way in the last weeks and the cows provided us with a perfect situation to deepen our trust and state of groundedness.

Thank you to the cows for a fun, deeply insightful adventure.

My Journey

My Journey

Although unconsciously in the beginning, I have followed my inner guidance most of my life. My inner guidance led me on a path of studying chemistry and completing my PhD in human biology in Ulm Germany, moving to America to research benzene toxicity at UMDJ in New Jersey, exploring sunscreen in sea urchin eggs at the University of Maine and ending my scientific career as cancer researcher at the University of Iowa. Freya’s CV & List of Publications 1987-2006-CV-2006

In 2006 I followed my inner guidance to become a consultant and coach. Because of my personal experiences I focused on assisting women to become leaders of their lives. Since then I stretched myself from science into coaching and alternative healing, and turned myself inside-out in a year-long CTI leadership program.

To create a world filled with beauty, harmony, respect and well-being we first have to create it within ourselves. In 2009 I joined the Mastering Alchemy program with Jim Self, which empowered me through personal and spiritual transformation to create this foundation. This five-year long journey opened me to think with my heart, follow my soul’s desire and become a masterful conscious creator.


In 2011 I was called to partner with horses. I attended level 1 of Kathy Pike’s Coaching with Horses certification program and the Equine Assisted Learning certification workshop with Greg Kersten. This call to partner with horses brought my long-held desire to be one with nature to the surface. Horses and teachers such as Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Frederic Pignon, Alan Hamilton, Carolyn Resnick, Imke Stilke and many others taught me about how to connect and communicate with horses. This fascination led me to connect with animals, plants, minerals, and Elementals in new conscious ways. (Read about my beginnings with horses).

In 2014 I was shown by my soul how to play the Transformational Discovery Game and create a Multidimensional Energy Grids (MEGs) as enjoyable, powerful tools to create clarity in complex situations and connect the non-physical with the physical realm. I have used them to

Light Center Grid-2014_0267

  • Shift old energy and anchor new energy into the Earth
    (photo: shifting energy from Native American events
    in the Black Mountains, NC)


  • Clarify and catalyze soul based projects Hendersonville-2014_0295
    (photo: setting intentions and
    opening an energy portal for a wellness business)



  • Play with the elementals (photo: enhancing the energy
    of beauty co-creation with the elementals on a mountain in North Carolina)Burnsville Forrest-2015_0625
    Click here to find out more about these MEGs.


And the journey continues.

Anything is possible – Ask for what you really want

Asking for what you really want takes courage
Clarity is important: What do I really wantkeeping the playing field wide open Did I receive what I asked for?
Letting go of how
Asking and receiving the easy way

Anything is possible
We are being told by spiritual leaders and light beings that anything is possible. Deep down I believe this and at the same time I can feel the doubt generated by my intellect. 

On my current life journey I keep exploring this possibility that anything is possible. There are moments when I feel frustration or despair because I find myself in intense uncomfortable situations. During other moments I am filled with awe because something I thought intellectually impossible happened. These moments of surprise and awe, when the seemingly impossible is happening, keep me going.

Here are some of my discoveries along this path: 

Asking for what you really want takes courage
I learned that in order to find out what is possible I have to ask for what I really want. If I only ask for what I believe is possible I am not fully true to myself and this introduces interferences in the energy flow.

It takes courage to ask for what I really want. What if I don’t receive what I ask for? I used to think that would mean the end to ever receiving what I asked for. However I discovered that there is a simple answer: refine your request. Nothing is written in stone so to speak. Intentions and creations can be adjusted. 

The other concern that used to linger in my space was: Careful what you ask for. Here too I found that I can always adjust my creation. One thing I asked for is to overcome my fear of money. The result was that I received a lot of opportunities to be with fear around money. It took me a while to really understand what I was doing. Instead of giving up I adjusted my request. I stopped focusing on the fear and asked for what I really wanted: long-lasting, dependable, plentiful currency flow in easy delightful ways. I added the easy, delightful way part to the request because I had heard stories where people received a lot of money but only through personal hardship. I wanted to make clear that I wanted to create this currency flow through ease and delight.

Clarity is important: What do I want?
Asking for what I really want requires clarity. I often can say what I don’t want but finding what I want can take some soul searching. 

After 18 years away from horses I suddenly felt drawn to connect, communicate and learn from them. My intellect stepped in. I thought I should be physically with horses or even have one myself. But that felt overwhelming. The result, I started beating myself up about it. 

I didn’t know how to express this deep yearning I felt in my heart. I finally moved the intellect to the side and listened to my heart. Here I found energies of living words such as connection, communication, co-creation, equal and joyous partnership, that captured the deep yearning. 

This energetic foundation created clarity and certainty in my space. It provided me with reference points I could hold without needing to know details. While holding this energetic platform, opportunities for activities showed up: attending a coaching with horses workshop, reading books that explore horse communication through energy, watching youtubes of some teachers that seemed aligned with what I was looking for, living on a horse farm for half a year, learning about Equine Assisted Learning and doing it myself. The different opportunities showed up when I was ready for the experience. Each allowed me to discover and hone abilities around horses I didn’t know I had.

I have used the living words in many other situations to express what I felt deep inside me and allowed that energetic platform to draw opportunities to me.

Keeping the playing field wide open
The advantage of these energetic platforms is that I have a focus and at the same time can leave the field wide open for opportunities. I kind of step back and observe what shows up in front of me. I let my desire lead me here. When opportunities show up I “run” them through my heart to feel how aligned they are. From here I make a choice: yes, no or refinement of the opportunity. 

Of course I also have a choice to express my desire more specific. If I come across something like a workshop or gathering and I feel a strong reaction in my heart to attend then I set a clear intention to attend this event: I intend to take a coaching with horses workshop to explore the human-horse relationship. Even more specific I intend to participate in the coaching with horses workshop in May with Kathy Pike. 

I only choose to be that specific if it deeply resonates in my heart. Sometimes when a desire feels vast and a little bit overwhelming, my intellect is impatient and tries to latch onto something specific. Once I realize what is going on, I stop myself, breathe for a moment and go back to observing the playing field in front of me. 

Did I receive what I asked for?
There are times I feel frustrated because I think I don’t seem to receive what I am asking for. Sometimes a second look is worthwhile. 

Too focused on a specific outcome
I wanted to learn how to communicate with animals, plants and minerals. My intellect had latched onto one outcome: telepathic communication like the animal communicators seem to do. For years I kept asking for animal communication over and over and at times I got frustrated and started beating myself up. 

What I overlooked was that in my own way I had started to communicate with trees, understood communication through energy with horse on a much deeper level, and had experiences exchanging images and heart-felt vibrations with mountains. All of that I nearly missed to recognize because I was so focused on one outcome of my intention.

Outcomes are possible beyond what I can imagine
I was drawn to go to Egypt to anchor energy with the Magdalene Order. I participated in their preparation calls, got the travel information, saw myself and her having fun in Egypt and set an intention in motion together with my friend who also participated. In the end I couldn’t get the finances together to go physically on the trip. 

What happened instead was that I traveled spiritually, kind of riding on the shoulder of my friend who went on the trip. During the duration of the trip I had several occasions where I felt deeply connected to the group. My friend told me that she and one of the leaders of the group felt my presence in a couple places where the group meditated. I never would have thought that I would participate in trip in this way. Interestingly, while part of me was traveling spiritually in Egypt, the physical part of me went on a parallel adventure to Colorado working with the Rocky Mountains and to Minneapolis to work on financial abundance.   

Since then I experienced this form of participation during other trips. When my friend went to Hawaii to do some energy work I actually felt viscerally a part of me leaving to go with her. 

Letting go of how 
When I find the courage to express what I really want, my intellect immediately screams: HOW? I learned to move that question aside. When I stretch myself emotionally and mentally into a new adventure, the how question feels like lead, keeping me on the ground. I need to soar first, feel the energy of the living words in my heart and my whole body. From there most of the time I step back and observe what opportunities are showing up instead of trying to figure intellectually out how to proceed. 

In Dec 2013 I left Iowa to find a new home. While I knew I wanted to live in the mountains, I had no clue geographically where that home would be or how I would even afford it. I had a strong sense that I needed to let go of most of my stuff, pack the rest into a trailer and drive to Minnesota to spend some time with a friend. 

During the packing I received a pointer to Colorado and decided to fly from Minneapolis to Denver to find out if this is where I needed to live next. This trip turned into amazing work with the Rocky Mountains and the clarity that this wasn’t my next home. Back in Minnesota I kept sensing into the geographic location of my new home. The only place that kept floating around in my space was Asheville. I liked the idea because besides loving mountains I thrive when plant live have plenty of water to show saturated colors and Western North Carolina looked pretty green to me.

I still hadn’t a clue how all this could work out. I didn’t know North Carolina, had no connections and hardly any money. However, there was a strong sense that in the last week of Dec I would be stable. So while my intellect was in overdrive, trying to figure out the how, I took all the courage I could muster and trusted in the sense of stability at the end of the month. 

While in Asheville, I learned that I needed to get into the car and just start driving around. My second trip in this fashion brought me to Mars Hill, NC. I loved that little town, its mountains and its energy. I didn’t want to leave. So on Christmas Eve I moved from Asheville into a hotel in Mars Hill. The problem was I couldn’t afford staying in hotels. On Dec 26 I stopped at a tourist center in Mars Hill to ask if they knew about temporary housing. Sandy, the lady in the tourist center was very kind and after some back and forth she remembered someone who could have something for me.

This is when the magic really became apparent. Sandy called Tom and told him what I was looking for. Tom said that I could have his house in a week. I nearly declined the offer because I needed something right now but I had nothing to lose and agreed to meet Tom. When he arrived he offered me a ride in his car to check out his house. During the drive he asked me where I was currently staying and I told him that I didn’t have anything for the night yet. He said that this was ridiculous and that I could stay in their house. Tom and his wife had moved to another town and where thinking of selling or renting the house. His son wasn’t due to arrive for a week and Tom said that if I could just leave for that one night I could stay immediately. 

When we came to his house my jaw dropped. Two beautiful outside dogs greeted me. The house was built organically into the woods with a great view through big windows. It had eight bedrooms, two of which where in the basement temporarily rented to a family. I thought I was in a dream. We settled on a rent for the month that I could afford and that was nowhere close to what people ask for a vacation rental. What boggled my mind was that Tom would just trust me. When I told him about it he said that he could judge people easily and he trusted me. 

To put the icing on the cake for this experience, I ended up staying in this house for over a year. It was an amazing experience. I learned that figuring things out is can be overrated. What really counts is trusting in your heart and letting go of the “how”.

Asking and receiving the easy way
I wished I would be in the habit of asking and receiving in the easy way I have observed on many occasions. I utter a desire without any attachment – Oh wouldn’t it be fun to have lunch at this place – and then completely forget about it. And sure enough I nearly instantaneously receive an email from a friend inviting me to lunch in that place. These heart moments take my intellect by surprise and express what I really want in that very moment. It feels beautiful, innocent and easy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be so present in each moment that I just utter a desire and it manifests. Of course it means that I really have to master my thoughts and emotions, otherwise I would have interesting experiences for sure.  

My sense is that the more I keep consciously asking for what I really want the more I will encounter these moments. Practicing alignment, clarity, observing, detaching, and letting go, will speed up the receiving. 


Clean water for the Earth

Energy Grid to anchor a vision of clean water for the Earth
My friend Laura wanted to support the water in Yancey County, NC and have the example radiate through all of North Carolina and the rest of the Earth. 

The overall vision was to have clean, pure water in Yancey County. The water supporting the health of the humans and the Earth and being respected by all humans. The awareness of the importance of water and the desire to support it spreading reaching all humans on the Earth.

The grid assembled in three layers.

Water Grid step 1The 1st layer: represented the original blueprint of the water, where it comes from, how life evolved from it. 

We started with the center: The flower of life radiating the energies, on top a glass with water that was charged three days before with energy from a meditation meeting. 

Next we expressed the beginning of water and life on the planet. Lower right corner: The ocean (Mermaid), the ocean card (ebb and flow), the first single cells (moss). We moved on to the upper right corner with plants on land (mint plant)

  • Center: The spiral around the center – evolution of life
  • Left middle: Two crystals on the left connecting to the universe crystallized water
  • Left upper corner: The influence of the whole universe/planets (three balls) and the non-physical world (Angel, Wisdom of the unseen world cards)
  • Right upper corner: Water is essential for our food: The importance of pollinators to help water create vegetables: (Luna moth and vegetables)
  • Top middle: Flowers representing beauty that comes from water – Fairies and magic involved with water and food
  • Left lower corner: Elementals: Undines who are the water creating with salamander, gnomes and sylphs (three pure light elementals)

When this layer completed, the energies I felt were: clarity, origin, purity and wisdom.

Water Grid step 22nd layer: This layer seemed to focus on what humans can do. This was mostly expressed in words or phrases written on paper 

  • Using products that are biodegradable, recyclable, supportive of health for planet and humans 
  • Bringing respect, communication, and awe to the water, the elementals and all of nature
  • Humans in co-creation/partnership with elementals (doll placed beside the elementals) 
  • Joy and connection with fairies (resulted in more fairies were placed into top middle)– 
  • Beauty and harmony with water and all of life (resulted in more veggies in upper right corner).
  • My friend drew the Iceberg card from the Magic Earth Card Set: Iceberg – Submerged: It pointed us into two directions. That the icebergs are melting thereby releasing much of the information stored in the ice. The word submerged reminded us that we know so much more than we are aware of. We felt that through joy and playfulness we can connect to this wisdom with ease. 
  • To the center spiral we added the knowledge of Rudolph Steiner and other humans who know how to grow sustainable, biodynamic, organic – the intention is that we remember and practice this knowledge
  • We placed the icosahedron template from the Gateway into Nature with the vegetables, connecting the Pollinator Garden with this energy grid
  • We placed candles to support this enlightenment

With this the 2nd layer completed, we felt a strong all to connect the energy grid to the universe.

Water Grid step 33rd layer: Connecting the energy on the grid to the universe 

  • Bottom middle: We lit the candles on the Angel to bring in light 
  • Center: Iron structure – Connecting heaven and Earth
  • Center: We hung representations for the four elementals:
    Gnomes: pine cone – trees as antennas connecting heaven and earth
    Sylphs: feather – air/gas on Earth and in the universe,
    Salamander: crystal chain – undifferentiated light,
    Undines – dragonfly  

Earth magic cards placed around the outer edges of the energy grid completed the energetic container to anchor the vision for clean water for the Earth.

Here is Laura’s testimonial:
I deeply appreciate Freya’s skill in setting energetic templates. Both the work she and I accomplished at the pollinator garden and clean water grid we created on a lovely rainy day contain powerful, beautiful and sustaining energies for Nature.  I’m grateful to be enjoying our collaborations, and curious what comes next.  Laura, Burnsville, NC