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Dr. Freya Q. Schafer, PhDFQS-13-13-13

I believe we can create a world filled with beauty, harmony, respect and well-being.
One way to create this new Earth is through co-creation with plants, animals, minerals and nature spirits such as the Elementals. They are powerful partners who can help us transform ourselves and the Earth.

I am excited to be part of projects that create wellbeing for the Earth and her inhabitants.
I love using my life experience and unique gift of clarity to uncover who you are, what you really want and how to help you move your vision and projects forward.

Why the Name Essential Clarity
When I started my first business, a friend of mine perceived the name Essential Clarity. It captures an innate aspect of who I am. I have found that clarity is essential to understand who I am and how to be with ease and joy in this world. Each step I take, each project I plan, all inner work I do, flow with ease when I know what I really want and when my focus and actions are aligned with who I am. From this clarity I communicate from my heart and draw situations and people to me who support me in my vision on my life’s journey.

Creating Clarity and Structure in Uncertainty
On my spiritual path, learning to think with my heart and create consciously, I find myself in a space that seems full of potential and yet at the same time vast and empty. The old 3D reference points are no longer available and the only reference I seem to have is my soul’s desire. This vast space can feel disorienting and filled with uncertainty.

I found ways to create clarity in this uncertainty. I identify my soul-felt desires and set new reference points and structures that help create pathways and playground that express this desire. Questions such as – What do I really want? Are my actions aligned with my truth? – point me to clarity and my path of highest good.

It is fun and exciting for me to use my life experience and personal skills when I play with fellow travelers who look for clarity on their journey.

Opening New Pathways
I am very curious about how life/creation works. I have been willing to explore pathways only few walk. Exploring concepts such as an eight to five job is only one way to create money flow or using joy and fascination as a powerful guiding post for living my life, have created tremendous personal growth and lots of insight how creation works. I believe that venturing along these less traveled life pathways creates an opening for all of humanity to follow their own inner knowing and live in wellbeing.

My Journey

Although unconsciously in the beginning, I have followed my inner guidance most of my life. My inner guidance led me on a path of studying chemistry and completing my PhD in human biology in Ulm Germany, moving to America to research benzene toxicity at UMDJ in New Jersey, exploring sunscreen in sea urchin eggs at the University of Maine and ending my scientific career as cancer researcher at the University of Iowa. Freya’s CV & List of Publications 1987-2006-CV-2006

In 2006 I followed my inner guidance to become a consultant and coach. Because of my personal experiences I focused on assisting women to become leaders of their lives. Since then I stretched myself from science into coaching and alternative healing, and turned myself inside-out in a year-long CTI leadership program.

To create a world filled with beauty, harmony, respect and well-being we first have to create it within ourselves. In 2009 I joined the Mastering Alchemy program with Jim Self, which empowered me through personal and spiritual transformation to create this foundation. This five-year long journey opened me to think with my heart, follow my soul’s desire and become a masterful conscious creator.


In 2011 I was called to partner with horses. I attended level 1 of Kathy Pike’s Coaching with Horses certification program and the Equine Assisted Learning certification workshop with Greg Kersten. This call to partner with horses brought my long-held desire to be one with nature to the surface. Horses and teachers such as Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Frederic Pignon, Alan Hamilton, Carolyn Resnick, Imke Stilke and many others taught me about how to connect and communicate with horses. This fascination led me to connect with animals, plants, minerals, and Elementals in new conscious ways. (Read about my beginnings with horses).

In 2014 I was shown by my soul how to play the Transformational Discovery Game and create Multidimensional Energy Grids (MEGs) as enjoyable, powerful tools to create clarity in complex situations and connect the non-physical with the physical realm. I have used them to

Light Center Grid-2014_0267

  • Shift old energy and anchor new energy into the Earth
    (photo: shifting energy from Native American events
    in the Black Mountains, NC)


  • Clarify and catalyze soul based projects Hendersonville-2014_0295
    (photo: setting intentions and
    opening an energy portal for a wellness business)



  • Play with the elementals (photo: enhancing the energy
    of beauty co-creation with the elementals on a mountain in North Carolina)Burnsville Forrest-2015_0625
    Click here to find out more about these MEGs.


In 2016 I entered into a unique coaching adventure with my friend Petra Webstein . Together we offer Triangular Coaching and Interspecies Coaching.

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