About Freya

Dr. Freya Q. Schafer, PhDFQS-13-13-13

I believe we can create a world filled with beauty, harmony, respect and well-being.
One way to create this new Earth is through co-creation with humans, plants, animals, minerals and nature spirits such as the Elementals. Co-creating with these partners can help us transform ourselves and create well-being on Earth.

When a vision/project is matched with the energy of the land (and it’s inhabitants), they both can express their full potential. Together they become something bigger than when they are separate. The energy of this harmonious partnership radiates bright and far, impacting a large area. The energetic coherence can be felt when one enters the land/property. My fascination is to help game changers build these kind of coherent partnerships, connect humans and their visions with nature and create well-being for all involved.

Game changers bring a burning desire and commitment to their visions and projects that matches my energy and inspires me to be my very best. The commitment to transform the way we live and be of service in a bigger context come with challenges. For many years I have focused on growing spiritually, evolve my self-mastery and walk paths few travel, so I bring a lot of experience, encouragement and fun to the table.

Coaching allows me to fully express my innate talents and creativity:

  • Connect, communicate and co-create with all involved (humans, animals, land, nature spirits…)
  • Uncover what you really want and explore steps how to get you there
  • Encourage you to step into a bigger picture of yourself
  • Be a non-judgmental partner who keeps your well-being at the forefront
  • Get to the heart of the matter with laser-sharp focus
  • Perceive the dynamic of complex situations and see the bigger picture
  • Bring forth new perspectives, unconventional approaches and open doors to new possibilities

I developed the Multidimensional Energy Grid and the Transformational Discovery Game through collaborations with the Elementals and some humans who were curious and excited to play. Both are unique, powerful, and creative tools to anchor energy into the Earth or bring clarity into your life’s journey and projects. I love these tools because they allow us to:

  • Relax, have fun and be creative
  • See connections/relationships more clearly
  • Gain insights into the bigger picture
  • Uncover surprising solutions
  • Work consciously with energy
  • Relate to and understand other species more fully


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