Create Clarity in uncertainty

How to sail the sea of possibilities
On my spiritual path I have come to a place where I have let go of so many old beliefs and habits that I entered a space that seems filled with possibilities and at the same time completely empty. The old reference points of life purpose, career, linear time, and many others have dissolved.

At times it feels uncomfortable to have no reference points, no pre-described directions to follow. Every moment is an adventure and I am the one who makes up the steps in this whole new way to live. I am the creator of it.

Constant questions are: how do I identify new reference points in this empty vastness, or how do I create a trajectory to move along. Connecting to my soul’s desire through the heart is one way to create reference points and a trajectory. Letting my heart tell me what brings me joy and wellbeing help me to set personal reference points. These reference points guide me in making decisions and point me to new playgrounds. Out of this trajectories appear, for example, communicating with animals, anchoring energy into the Earth through Multidimensional Energy Grids, co-creating with the Elementals, exploring with others who they are and what they really want and being involved in projects that bring wellbeing for all of life on Earth.

My natural abilities provide me also with a compass to determine where to turn in this vast sea of possibilities. Knowing who I am, what I am good at and what I really want to do helps to sail the sea of possibilities. I have a natural gift for clarity. I love to get to the bottom of things. Cutting away confusing pieces to get right to the heart of the matter is great fun for me. I used this skill in science, life coaching and body journeys. Now I aim this skill into a new direction. I come together with fellow travelers to uncover who they are and what their soul projects are. Together we create trajectories and reference point that are aligned with who they are. We create this clarity through conversations in Coaching Sessions and/or through playing the Transformational Discovery Game. We build Multidimensional Energy Grids to birth soul projects and set them in motion.

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