Express your vision and bring your soul projects to life

2015-04-24-IMG_0634-abundanceI believe that we have come to Earth so that our soul can experience itself. To do so there are desires we feel that direct us on our journey. Creating a clear vision helps us to express our desires and lay out a playground for our soul. The vision provides a trajectory for our journey. 

2014-09-11-IMG_0380-soul purposeMy vision is a world where we live in respect, harmony and partnership with the Earth and all of life. Together we create well-being for all. 

Use heart-felt energies to express your vision
It took me years to formulate my vision because my brain got in the way. What I could feel around the vision felt big and overwhelming and I got stuck in figuring out how to do it practically. I finally gave up on needing to know how to concretely implement this big vision step-by-step and instead focused on the fundamental energies I felt in my heart – respect, partnership, beauty and wellbeing. Suddenly the vision statement fell into place with ease. 

Our souls are big and want to play
I believe that our souls are big and want us to play big. We can’t grasp with our mind what our soul wants us to experience. Instead of trying to use our mind to figure it out, we can allow our soul to work through us by listening to our heart.  

I enjoy discovering other people’s soul desire, especially when it focuses on creating wellbeing for the Earth. When I partner with someone to uncover their vision, my first step is often to lead them on a journey into the heart. Here we find living words such as beauty, respect, partnership or wellbeing that provide a foundation for the vision. Knowing your personal values, skills, and talents helps in refining the vision, setting specific intentions and creating projects that bring the vision to life.

Energy Grids bring additional information
2015-02-18-IMG_0532-Everest-FarmI love creating energy grids during this process to uncover more clarity for the vision, energetically anchor intentions and explore soul projcts. In this playful and relaxed setting information flows easily through us and the relationships of different aspects of the vision become visible.

The visions and soul projects are big and are long-term
These visions that come through the heart can feel big and overwhelming. It is important to understand that they are not done in a year. 

The visions do not follow linear trajectories
These soul projects do not follow a linear trajectory or linear time. I have experienced times when I am not particular interested in horses but suddenly discover an interest in permaculture, only to find that three months or a year later I am deeply engrossed in liberty work with horses.  

Seeing pieces of the puzzle
More often than not do I see steps or projects within my vision that have seemingly nothing to do with each other. For example I play with financial abundance, socially responsible investment, animal communication, anchoring energy into the Earth and sustainability. These playgrounds often look like isolated puzzle pieces to me and yet, all activities express wellbeing, respect, harmony and partnership with the Earth and all of life. I feel my love for the Earth when I engage in any of these activities.

Being too focused on one approach can interfere with vision
I further discovered that for me that being too focused on a certain approach can interfere with my vision journey, while curiosity and flexibility help it along. I have the desire to learn how to communicate with animals. For years I was disappointed with myself because I didn’t feel any desire to take an animal communication workshop or have animals myself. Staying flexible and following my heart I started inter-species communication with physical trees and learned communication with horses through youtubes and books. My linear intellect would have never come up with this but I have fun and it is working for me.

The vision statement is helpful in staying grounded and provides a trajectory. While I sometimes feel aimless because I don’t have specific linear steps or a label for what I am doing, when I go back to my vision statement I find that I am right on track. 

In summary, if you want to uncover your vision, my suggestion is to go into your heart and allow your desire to fully express itself. Then explore those playgrounds that call to you and feel easy and fun. Keep observing what comes in front of you that might give you a direction or answers the how to express your vision through projects.


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