shift and anchor energy into the Earth

Like myself, the Earth is ascending into higher consciousness. I am supporting the ascension of the Earth through my personal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodywork.

Young treeAdditionally I feel called to shift and anchor energy into the land in certain areas of the Earth. I feel drawn to visit places, participate in gatherings, or meet people ready to partner with me in this adventure. I do this work by:

  • allowing energies to run through my physical body into the heart of the Earth
  • meeting with groups in certain places or at auspicious times to open energy portals, e.g. anchoring energies for tree communication in Sequoia National Park, CA 2013
  • balancing masculine/feminine energy during the June solstice 2015 creating energy grids on the land with groups or by myself
  • anchoring intentions through energy grids with individuals or groups who want to use land for a new purpose, e.g. a forest farm, pollinator garden, soul sanctuary for humans…

Here are some examples:



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