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IMG_0757-Madala-Mountain-BurnsvilleConnecting and communicating with trees
Being in communion with other species
Connecting to nature through play
Receiving gifts from the Elementals


I feel a great desire to become one with nature, to connect, communicate and co-create with all of nature and the Elementals.

As so often on my journey this intention manifests in very different ways than I thought. My mind grabbed onto the idea of exchanging questions and answers through telepathic communication with plants, animals, minerals and Elementals like animal communicators seem to do. I learned that communication with nature and elementals can happen in many different ways.

Connecting and communicating with trees

Kent Park, IA

On a walk through Kent Park near Iowa City, IA, a ranger pointed out a 500 year old swamp oak. He encouraged me to check the tree out because of his age. The next day I visited her and had my first conscious experience of connecting with a tree.

When I stood near her I could feel her energy radiating around me and my first thought was to merge with her energy. However, I was playing in Mastering Alchemy at the time and we were just told again how big we are as beings. So I decided to match her energy. Wow, I matched her energy and she extended her energy field. I match it again and she radiated further. We played until I felt that my energy field encompassed most of the park area. It was powerful experience. From then on I called her Unlimited.

Over the next two years I had some wonderful experiences with Unlimited. One that stood out was a day where I felt very unbalanced. I tried to let go thinking of a person who I was upset with. I tried to ground and become calm but my mind kept going back to the incident. When I came to Unlimited I asked her what she knew about grounding. I didn’t really expect anything. Within a minute I felt energy draining from the top of my head through my whole body into the ground, leaving me calm and centered. It was so visceral that I couldn’t miss it and my mouth dropped open.

Ever since I noticed how trees helped me to calm down when I feel frustrated, upset, despair… I know because I keep yawing during my hike through the woods or leaning against a tree. Yawning is one of the ways I move energy through and out my body.

Unlimited helped me to open my awareness about trees. There were two more oaks in Kent Park that drew my attention. I called them Samson and Delilah. I soon discovered that when I would lean against Samson he would take me onto visual journeys. He would take me to meet with other guides such as unicorns, light beings and Jack the watcher, a physical horse I know of. The journeys would give me insights into my current situation. Since then I have partnered with other trees on these fun journeys.

Being in communion with other species

I was enrolled in an online class called Waterhole Rituals with Carolyn Resnick. The first ritual is sharing territory with a horse. You sit in the pasture with your horse without needing anything from the horse. Just sharing space and through that allowing the horse to know you while you learn to become more present. Carolyn talked about being in communion with the horse.

During the class I had no access to horses but the idea to sit in communion with another species resonated deeply. So I took a camping chair and walked into the woods. Here I found a quiet space under trees near a brook. I allowed myself to relax and become quiet. Listening to the different sounds of the water running over stones, moving in shallow areas and around corners. It felt like the water was running through my body, cleansing and vitalizing every space in it. I returned from this communion refreshed and in awe of the experience.

Another time a friend of mine took me to Quiet Reflections Retreat. This retreat located in North Carolina has a chapel on top of a mountain. When I walked into the chapel the energy I experienced felt like I was flying right into the mountain opposite the chapel. My whole body started buzzing with energy. It took a while for my body to balance and the buzzing to calm down. Then I sat to commune with the mountain. For me mountains have a special powerful energy and this mountain seemed to fill up my whole body and anchor its energy in my heart. I felt strong and happy and started toning, expressing my love for the beauty of this mountain. I felt the energy for days in my heart and anchored some of it when we opened the Gateway to nature in the Pollinator Garden.

Read more about my other experiences with wild goats, a fly and a deer in Waterhole Rituals with a twist.

Connecting with nature through playIMG_0127-Single stone structure river

A friend pointed me to Michael Grab. Michael Grab creates beautiful stone sculptures in nature. He inspired me to do try it myself. So next time I walked along the Laurel River Trail near Hot Springs NC I got creative. It was so much fun to balance stones on each other and explore what angles are possible. I liked the idea that wind and rain would most likely erase these structures so that someone else can be creative.IMG_0115-Mandala Sand no shade

I also remembered my love for mandalas and used the natural treasures along the riverbed to leave some unexpected beauty for others to enjoy.

This form of play evolved along with the MEGs. I have used stones and other natural material to create structures that support the opening and anchoring of energy such as the Pollinator Garden. I also laid some mandalas to honor the beauty the Elementals create all around us.

Receiving gifts from the ElementalsIMG_0622 Bark Horse head 1

I love walking in woods and on mountains. Beside the everyday amazing beauty of colors, forms, smells and sounds, there are days when I feel the elementals surprise me with special gifts. IMG_0642 Bark horse head 2These gifts come in many forms: bird feathers, colorful, sparkling rocks, faces on trees, hidden blooming plans. Some I take home, others I admire. These two horse heads made me laugh out loud in surprise and felt like a special gift for me to take home.

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