What I do with prayer requests

A friend of mine emails prayer requests for members of her spiritual group to me. These requests used to create a dilemma in my space. Prayer felt like a religious activity from the past where I “begged” God for help. The request was also connected to a “should” in my place.  You should pray for this person or send at least some love.

I learned to look at prayer requests differently. I detached the word prayer from the religious background and gave it the meaning of directed intention from the heart. Then I opened myself some more an allowed myself to approach a prayer request in a personalized way:

I started to take a moment, go into my heart, and send some loving energy to the person and all involved in the situation. This energy coming from my heart has no outcome attached to it. This process works at certain times for me.

When a friend of mine asked me a couple times in a row to pray for her I kept feeling uncomfortable about the request. While I wanted to support her, the request felt still like a should. I decided to clear more of my own beliefs and emotions around prayer and take an easy approach. The next time we came together I told her how difficult it is for me to grant her request. That sitting down and creating a form of prayer felt heavy and full of effort. I explained to her that it would be a lot easier for me to actually do something with her about her fears. She accepted and it felt wonderful to use my coaching skills to help her. 

Another friend told me that her sister had just learned about the reoccurring of a 2014-09-17-IMG_0393-Katara-sisterdisease. She didn’t request anything from me however, we had a conversation about her involvement in the situation. When she left I felt drawn to lay a Multidimensional Energy Grid (MEG) for her and her sister. It felt like I was opening a space of connection for them where they could shift some energy if they wanted to. When I was done I sent a photo of the MEG to my friend telling her what I did. She used the energy she received from the MEG to connect with her sister in a higher dimension and initiate a shift in energy around the situation. Afterwards she learned that a mistake was made and the disease had not reoccurred.

A fellow student of the Mastering Alchemy program sent a prayer request out. This wonderful person had reached out to me when I needed financial help, even though he didn’t know me personally. When I received his request I felt that a MEG could be supportive in his connection with his brother. I was grateful that I could return his kindness is such a way.

Another friend asked me to hold space/pray for him while he was working in a potentially dangerous situation with his friend. I envisioned the situation they were working in, created a bubble of protective light around it and asked Archangel Michael for support. Then I set it in place knowing that it was done. That freed me from moving through my day without having to stay focused on the situation.

Prayer triangle easeWhen a friend asked me to hold space/pray for him while he worked with someone who is emotionally challenging we took a moment and felt into the situation, asking what kind of energies would be supportive. The energies of compassion and love seemed to be helpful and together we created them in our hearts directing them into the situation. During that day a third energy, ease, occurred to me and I felt drawn to create a triangle with these words. Using nutshells I laid out the words on the ground.  It felt like this process anchored the energy and also left a reminder for myself and others. I’ll leave it to nature to erase the words when the time is right.

These experiences taught me to be creative around the request of praying by using my unique talents to connect with others. This approach released the resistance towards “praying”, deepens my experience, and makes me feel good during the process.

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