Clean water for the Earth

Energy Grid to anchor a vision of clean water for the Earth
My friend Laura wanted to support the water in Yancey County, NC and have the example radiate through all of North Carolina and the rest of the Earth. 

The overall vision was to have clean, pure water in Yancey County. The water supporting the health of the humans and the Earth and being respected by all humans. The awareness of the importance of water and the desire to support it spreading reaching all humans on the Earth.

The grid assembled in three layers.

Water Grid step 1The 1st layer: represented the original blueprint of the water, where it comes from, how life evolved from it. 

We started with the center: The flower of life radiating the energies, on top a glass with water that was charged three days before with energy from a meditation meeting. 

Next we expressed the beginning of water and life on the planet. Lower right corner: The ocean (Mermaid), the ocean card (ebb and flow), the first single cells (moss). We moved on to the upper right corner with plants on land (mint plant)

  • Center: The spiral around the center – evolution of life
  • Left middle: Two crystals on the left connecting to the universe crystallized water
  • Left upper corner: The influence of the whole universe/planets (three balls) and the non-physical world (Angel, Wisdom of the unseen world cards)
  • Right upper corner: Water is essential for our food: The importance of pollinators to help water create vegetables: (Luna moth and vegetables)
  • Top middle: Flowers representing beauty that comes from water – Fairies and magic involved with water and food
  • Left lower corner: Elementals: Undines who are the water creating with salamander, gnomes and sylphs (three pure light elementals)

When this layer completed, the energies I felt were: clarity, origin, purity and wisdom.

Water Grid step 22nd layer: This layer seemed to focus on what humans can do. This was mostly expressed in words or phrases written on paper 

  • Using products that are biodegradable, recyclable, supportive of health for planet and humans 
  • Bringing respect, communication, and awe to the water, the elementals and all of nature
  • Humans in co-creation/partnership with elementals (doll placed beside the elementals) 
  • Joy and connection with fairies (resulted in more fairies were placed into top middle)– 
  • Beauty and harmony with water and all of life (resulted in more veggies in upper right corner).
  • My friend drew the Iceberg card from the Magic Earth Card Set: Iceberg – Submerged: It pointed us into two directions. That the icebergs are melting thereby releasing much of the information stored in the ice. The word submerged reminded us that we know so much more than we are aware of. We felt that through joy and playfulness we can connect to this wisdom with ease. 
  • To the center spiral we added the knowledge of Rudolph Steiner and other humans who know how to grow sustainable, biodynamic, organic – the intention is that we remember and practice this knowledge
  • We placed the icosahedron template from the Gateway into Nature with the vegetables, connecting the Pollinator Garden with this energy grid
  • We placed candles to support this enlightenment

With this the 2nd layer completed, we felt a strong all to connect the energy grid to the universe.

Water Grid step 33rd layer: Connecting the energy on the grid to the universe 

  • Bottom middle: We lit the candles on the Angel to bring in light 
  • Center: Iron structure – Connecting heaven and Earth
  • Center: We hung representations for the four elementals:
    Gnomes: pine cone – trees as antennas connecting heaven and earth
    Sylphs: feather – air/gas on Earth and in the universe,
    Salamander: crystal chain – undifferentiated light,
    Undines – dragonfly  

Earth magic cards placed around the outer edges of the energy grid completed the energetic container to anchor the vision for clean water for the Earth.

Here is Laura’s testimonial:
I deeply appreciate Freya’s skill in setting energetic templates. Both the work she and I accomplished at the pollinator garden and clean water grid we created on a lovely rainy day contain powerful, beautiful and sustaining energies for Nature.  I’m grateful to be enjoying our collaborations, and curious what comes next.  Laura, Burnsville, NC

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