Anchoring Energy – Gateway into Nature

Butterfly on FlowersA friend of mine was asked to create a Pollinator Garden in the public Cane River Park near Burnsville, NC. I felt called to open an energy portal during for the Pollinator Garden and the bigger area around it.

www.quietreflectionsretreat.orgBefore my friend started the garden, she took me to the nearby Quiet Reflections Retreat. We went to the chapel on the mountain where I set in communion with the mountain. In the chapel I received energy that was later anchored in the Pollinator Garden. 

Pollinator garden three stone structures cutDuring the first workday at the Pollinator Garden, volunteers prepared the soil for the upcoming planting. When the workday concluded, I felt drawn to build three stone structures and placed stones like antennas in every mount in the Pollinator Garden. This prepared the area for the energy portal. I could feel energy buzzing through my body ready to be anchored. The energy flowing through my heart felt like the energy the mountain shared with me at the Quiet Reflections Retreat a week earlier.Pollinator Garden Antennas

After discussing the purpose of the garden and the park with two of my friends we decided that the overall intention would be to create a Gateway to Nature. 

Icosahedron ParkSacred geometries such as a triangle, tetrahedron, or icosahedron create energetic containers for intentions and energetics in a creation process. I created four paper icosahedrons that expressed the energies we had discussed for the Pollinator Garden, Cane River Park, the humans visiting the park, and for the bigger area around the park. Here is one of the icosahedrons I made for the Pollinator Garden:Pollinator Garden Icosahedron template

Together with my friend and another women I placed the four icosahedrons into the ground, one on three corners of the garden and one in the center. This way the positions of the icosahedrons created a tetrahedron. 

Before we finished for the day, I felt something was off with the path that led through the garden. This particular path stopped near the end without leading out of the garden. My friend and I decided to extend the path so that it led out of the garden. 

The moment the opening was in place, I felt the energy shift and started yawning, a sign of energy release. My friend felt a huge pressure in her head; her way to sense the stuck energy starting to flow. For half an hour I kept yawning, “seeing” the energy being released from that particular spot. I went for a walk in the woods asking the trees to help with this energy release. 

After two weeks of buzzing with energy my body calmed down and I could feel the garden integrating new energy. The Gateway to Nature was in place. 

Pollinator Garden wood structureDuring a second workday we planted most of the plants. I felt drawn to create several new stone structures and one arrangement assembled from pieces of wood I found in the park. They are a reminder of the beauty the elementals create in all parts of nature. Pollinator Garden 2 Wood structure

The Park now is blooming, attracting Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, other insects and birds. I feel honored having been part of creating this habitat for wild life. 


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