Communicating through energy and images

I am fascinated how sensitive animals are to energy and mental images. Paulette Evans  demonstrates how she trains foals using energy as part of her language in her Ribbleton Attunement Online Course.  When she asks young foals to move their hindquarters to the side she faces the foals side and lays her hand gently on the hindquarter, with only the slightest pressure. Next she visualizes the hindquarter to move away from her. The foals pick up both signals and move their hindquarters.

Energy exchange with a wild deer
After watching this particular video with Paulette I happened to meet a wild deer on the trail to my favored green mountain view. It didn’t hear me and I stopped watching this beautiful animal. I recognized the chance to move closer to it and my brain said: Let’s just quickly see how close you can get and then move on so you can sit down at your usual spot and become one with nature. How funny is that! I smiled and made a different choice.

I dropped my energy into the ground to become very centered and quiet. Then I took step by step until the deer lifted its head. Knowing how mental images are picked up by animals I did not look at the deer but rather at a big stone in front of me on the trail. I also stayed energetically very calm and connected to the Earth.

The deer couldn’t smell me and didn’t quite know what to do with me. She looked at me and her tail went back and forth showing her indecision. But the tail didn’t move frantically. Here we stood both curious about each other. After a while of standing stock still and focusing on the bushes and stones rather than the deer, she lowered her head wanting to eat but raised it immediately. I sent her an image of her eating but she didn’t trust me enough. She kept going through the motions of lowering her head to eat but just before she connected with the plant her head would come up. The same happened with an itchy spot. She moved her head to scratch her hind and decided otherwise. Repeating the process twice.

She was still trying to make up her mind about me, moving a little bit to see me better, when a mosquito discovered me. I tried to ignore it but then finally moved my hand to brush it away. The deer, a little bit further down the trail by now kept watching me without running. I left the hand on my face and stood quietly watching her too.

Then she decided to sound some alarm into the forest without running way from me. I am not sure that it was about me or something else. She made two jumps away from me but didn’t disappear. She was probably as fascinated with me as I was with her. I assume my grounded energy, focusing on other things beside her, and putting no pressure on her made her decide to stay. It was an exquisite opportunity to understand more about communicating with a wild animal.

Eventually she moved off, leaving me behind filled with the magic of our connection.

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