Creating a long-lasting, dependable, plentiful currency (money) flow in easy delightful ways

Working as a life coach for a while I could observe the fear most of us have around money from many different aspects. When I entered my spiritual path with Mastering Alchemy I came to a point where I had enough. I was tired of being afraid of not having enough money and hearing the fears of others about the same issue. I decided having an 8 to 5 job is only one way to create money flow. There had to be another way; a path on which I could do what I felt drawn to do and receive money from all kind of different sources. This opened a whole new playground.

I started out with the intention to overcome my fear of money. Although somehow I knew that wasn’t the best thing to focus on I played there anyway. After an enormous amount of emotional and mental clearing and creating many opportunities to be afraid of money and moving somehow through them, I came to the point when I was ready to change my focus. I created a new intention: I am creating a long-lasting, dependable, plentiful currency flow in easy delightful ways. I used the word currency to replace money after a conversation with a friend. My friend told me that in a channeling session Metatron suggested to replace the word money with a different term. The word money has a lot of energy strings attached to it. My friend replaced it with curentcy and I changed it to currency. I immediately could feel the flow of energy which I love.

I then started playing with the intention. I would feel into it. Imagine how it would be to have a lot of currency. Then I started dancing and singing the intention. I created a new strong reference point so that when I started to be afraid not to have enough money I could move myself out of the fear and turn into the new direction of what I actually wanted. I dance and sang for over half a year.

During this time I started laying the Multidimensional Energy Grids and often felt drawn to lay financial abundance grids alone or with others. Here are some examples:

Here are some experiences from the Currency Playground:

Surprising Support
When I left Iowa in Dec 2013 I had roughly $2000 and no regular income. I didn’t know where to live next and how to do it. Intuition brought me to North Carolina. During this transition time I connected with my aunt and uncle, whom I didn’t have a lot of contact with. They assured me that they would help me when they could and paid the rent for Jan. My parents gave me a load of $5000 that supported me for a little bit.

Determined to explore this unusual path I decided to create some credits cards debts, something I had never done before. I knew myself as paying on time and never having debts. It was one of those scary aspects of this playground where I nearly keeled over in fear.

I drew the line for the credit cards and faced the month, not knowing how to pay the bills. A very close friend of mine who is one of the few who knew the full extend of my journey, sent me a surprising currency gift via paypal. During the next months she and a second friend seemed to give me a financial uplift when I didn’t know how to continue. The love of these friends and the continuous willingness to share what they had with me changed how I look at the world and taught me patience, generosity and neutrality.

I met a woman in a workshop and she hired me to lay a MEG with her. When we did the heart-based fee she felt guided to give me a generous check. I was blown away, as it covered the rent for the next month.

Other surprising support came in form of a free hair cut, paying for several horse related online classes, inviting me to lunch and dinner, giving me car rides, offering places to stay, selling my jewlery… All these experience kept me motivated to continue on this path learning that indeed currency flow can come from anywhere.

The love wave
It was towards the end of a month and the bills for rent and such where coming in. I had no clue how to pay for them. I was ready to pack my few belongings into the car and see where to go next. A week before I had to pay bills I asked for guidance to create an easy and delightful currency flow. At that time I transcribed the Mastering Alchemy classes and made the transcription available to fellow participants. I wrote an email explaining that I would not be able to continue the transcriptions, as I hadn’t a clue where I would end up in a week.

What happened then was life changing. Many participants emailed me sending love and appreciation for the work I had done to transcribe the class and also to support me with energy in this difficult situation. Others shared currency with me, whatever then where able to share given their situation. For the next week I had to often step away from the emails coming in because they touched me so deeply. I had to allow myself to cry in gratitude and sheer awe. Then I had to expand my heart because it kept contracting never having received such a tidal wave of love. Another learning curve was finding words of gratitude that expressed my appreciation and at the same time allowing my energy of who I am to be present. This was not about stepping into poor me mode, rather stepping into my power, knowing that I made the choice to play here and to send out my appreciation and love.

There is always more
I added a new mantra to my intention: There is always more. The first time I played with it was on a walk in the woods. I came to a clearing looking at the beautiful landscape trying to find courage and strength. I had to pay a bill, which would leave me with $20 in the bank. I felt scared and pretty upset with myself. So I mentally stamped my foot on the ground and said something like, okay I have been told that there is always more so lets find out. I will pay the bill and expect that somehow I will receive more currency.

Shortly after paying the bill I indeed received some currency through yet another unexpected source. Since then I have been many times at the point where I had $10 in the bank and the mantra helped me through it.

I also saw a pattern I didn’t like. How I would have some currency and then drop to hardly any flow at all, e.g. $10 in the bank. How to change this pattern? I decided to test the concept of There is always more, in a new way. Here and there I consciously would pay for things I didn’t really need, e.g. chocolate, a book. Stretching myself slowly into this new aspect of the game to observe how indeed there is always more.

Am I experiencing my fear or society’s fear?
I have been able to explore this path because I am willing to face and clear emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy moving through me.

There have been times when I wondered what else I possibly could clear to experience the long-lasting, dependable, plentiful currency flow. I found that some of the emotions and thoughts I have been dealing with are not really mine. I would feel balanced and centered and from today to tomorrow I would fall into a state of fear that would surprise even me. Yes, I might at that point have not much currency myself but the strength of the emotions would make no sense. I believe in these cases that there somewhere in the world something happened with currency and a wave of fear was produced that reached me. I further believe that because I intentional play with currency and still have some sensitivities around it I feel the wave so strongly. I observed that from one day to the next I can wake up feeling perfectly balanced again while my currency situation hadn’t changed.

I worked through these phases using all the energy tools I have gathered over the years. This continued work has gotten me to a point where I my body feels much more quiet and doesn’t seem to be effected by society in such a strong way.

Why do I keep playing here?
As you can imagine from my story, this is not a very comfortable playground to play in. So, why don’t I just go and get work?

Maybe because I like to grow and walking this path feels aligned with who I am. Maybe because I played so long the way society plays and didn’t feel much better doing it.

I have done all my mental, emotional and spiritual work because I believe that we all can live in wellbeing. It makes no sense to me that life is about hard work and suffering. So, I turned onto a different path and I keep walking it, knowing that becomes easier with experience and increases the neutrality and calmness in my body that enables me to create more masterfully.

Investing currency with your values
One of the amazing surprises came from a friend who offered me a small share in an investment. This generous gesture opened a new door. I had never really thought of investment when I said currency can come from all kind of different sources.

Of course when I worked as a scientist I invested in a retirement fund, social security and a mutual fund. Here the question was always: how can I make the most money. I lost of lot of the retirement savings during the down turn of the market and still decided to cut my losses and cash in the retirement to pay for my spiritual journey. So when the investment opportunity came I had a clean slate so to speak.

As life tends to happen, I came across a book in the public library called: Investing With Your Values: Making Money and Making a Difference by Hall and Jack Brill and Cliff Feigenbaum. I love the idea that my money can support projects I want to see in the world and then they in turn support my living. What a beautiful loop of giving and receiving, driven by my personal values. Suddenly investing feels like it could be a fun opportunity.


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