We are all one

Living in unity with all living beings

Is your new year’s wish to see well-being and harmony in the world?

To return well-being for all to this planet, it is key that we humans reconnect to nature and live in unity with all living beings. Horses offer us opportunities to step into this unity consciousness. They are powerful teachers of personal transformation. If we accept the horse as a teacher, we open ourselves to the wisdom that is in us and around us.

Horses can teach us to get in touch with our inner guidance system; our inner compass aligns us with who we really are. When we can distinguish between other people’s opinions and what is truly right for us, we become conscious that our actions impact not only ourselves but every living being on the earth; that we are all one. Making choices from that alignment is not only beneficial for us individually, but naturally beneficial for those around us as well.

The quality of harmony and well-being in the connection you have with your horse limits or expands your horse’s capacity to teach.

Most horse owners love their horses, but that doesn’t mean that they are connected to them. In my coaching sessions with horse people I often see this disconnection. The horse is seen as student, not as teacher. The focus is on training, becoming a better rider, and in some cases, winning competitions. Many so-called horse problems arise because humans don’t fully connect to their horse and are not aware of the immense wisdom horses have to offer.

How can I connect more deeply with my horse?

  • Manage your emotions: A first step would be to clear your energy before you enter the stable, showing respect to your horse.
  • Spend more time just being with your horse. Take the time to connect with your horse before you do anything else. Consider playing on the ground with your horse instead of riding. Spend time together in the pasture.
  • Read a book that focuses on the horse as teacher.
  • Watch some YouTube videos that demonstrate equine assisted learning. It will help you understand more fully how horses can enhance your personal development.
  • Attend workshops that focus on horses as teachers for personal development.

    How can the quality of my connection with my horse create well-being and harmony in the world?
    Every person counts. While we are all individuals, we are also part of a collective consciousness. We share thoughts, beliefs and concepts with all of humanity. An individual person can initiate a change in the collective just by creating a new belief or behavior.

    For example, Tom Dorrance watched horses being broken in with brutal strength and it didn’t feel right in his heart. For him, a horse wasn’t an object, but rather a living being that is intelligent, communicates and has feelings. He decided to connect deeply with horses and find a way to partner with them. Acting on his heart-felt alignment, he initiated what is now known as the “modern natural horsemanship movement”.

    Another example of creating new viewpoints is the rider who felt that riding in harmony with her horse was  more aligned than winning ribbons. She still liked the fun of performing in front of an audience. She attended the next horse show in a new way. She enjoyed the performances of the other riders and appreciated her own connection and co-creation with her horse. True to her intention to focus on fun and harmony, she left the show before she received any assessment of her ride. She returned home filled with well-being and new ideas on how to deepen the connection with her horse.

    Every belief we hold has started with one person thinking it and modeling the belief, thereby making it available to everyone. This means we all have the power to change the world. You are not alone in your desire to bring well-being to the world. Many people are waking up to the understanding that We Are All One and taking steps to return well-being to all.

    When I presented at the USLF symposium in 2011, many members told me that their Lipizzans talk to them; that the Lipizzans are highly intelligent and don’t let you get away with anything. If you have a deep desire to live in a world filled with well-being and harmony, then allow these equine teachers to help you align with your inner guidance and live the concept that humans, animals and nature are deeply connected.

    I wish you a 2013 filled with unity, harmony and well-being.

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