Communicate more clearly with your horse

Horses are herd animals that communicate through their bodies. They sense the moods (emotional and mental state) and body language of a person on the ground or on their back and react accordingly.

For example, if you are afraid of jumping a specific obstacle the fear inside your body says stop, while your physical signals, e.g. pressure of the legs, tell your horse to move forward. These two signals can be confusing to your horse and might result in a refusal.

Most training for riders concentrates on developing your riding abilities and show you how to teach the horse new skills. Rarely does the training help you to release your unwanted emotions and unhelpful beliefs to eliminate confusing signals for your horse.

Motivational coaching provides you with simple and effective mind-body balancing techniques that help you:

1. Quiet your mind to communicate clearly. Have you ever thought of a change in tempo and your horse initiated the change before you gave physical signals? When your mind is quiet and you focus fully on the task ahead, your horse can read your mental image and intention.

2. Enhance your body awareness. Remember the last time you felt nervous trying something new and your trainer told you to just relax? What happened? Most likely you went into your head and said: “Relax, relax, just relax.” The solution to relax your body cannot be found in your mind. The solution to relax is in your body. Becoming aware of how your body feels, where tension is located and how to release the tension helps you (and your horse) to relax and stay calm in challenging situations.

3. Create powerful, supportive beliefs. What are those beliefs that keep you stuck: I am not good enough, I am not smart enough, I don’t have enough talent, I don’t know how…? Those beliefs undermine your confidence and hold you back from reaching the next level. Coaching empowers you to explore your inner strengths and replace unhelpful beliefs.

4. Release disturbing emotions. Do you try to suppress certain emotions? Pushing away fear or anger doesn’t really make it go away. It stays in your body’s energy system and your horse still feels the emotion and reacts to it. There are simple, yet powerful mind-body balancing techniques that can help you identify and release your unwanted emotions so that you can ride in harmony with your horse.

If you want to communicate more clearly with your horse, consider enhancing your inner strength, mental clarity and body awareness through motivational coaching. You can email or call me if you have questions. I would love talking to you.

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