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You are invited to transform the way we life on Earth for the well-being of all. FQS-13-13-13

My Vision is: A world where we live in
respect, harmony and partnership with the Earth and all of life. Together we create well-being for all. 

I love to play with game changers whose focus it is to transform the way we live, interact with each other and do business on the Earth for the well-being of all.

It takes courage, clarity and creativity to change the way we live on Earth. I developed the Transformational Discovery Game (TDGame) to provide a creative, insightful and relaxed environment where transformational ideas, unconventional approaches, new perspectives and exciting solutions flow with ease


Through my desire to connect with nature and the Elementals, I discovered and developed the Multidimensional Energy Grid (MEG). When we lay a MEG we come together in a sacred, intuitive and co-creative space to bring forth energy from the non-physical realm to shift and anchor energy in the physical environment, your vision, your project.

I love playing with people who share my
It gives me an opportunity to use my unique gifts, co-create with like-minded game changers like you and fulfill my vision. Each conversation and creation is an adventure filled with magic, awe-inspiring surprises, treasures to discover and new worlds to explore. Email me if you would like to play.

I look forward co-creating with you,

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